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Golf Cart Carburetors

Club Car Carburetors

Club Car Carburetors

Club Car 1984-1991  341cc with side valve engine

#GCT1017551  $159.00

Club Car 1992-1997 FE290 engine

#GCT1017552  $149.00

Club Car Precedent 2004-2006; Club Car DS 1998-2004 FE290 engine

#GCT1017561  $159.00


Carburetor assembly. For Club Car 1996-up DS cars with FE350 engine

#GCT1017562  $159.00

Carburetor assembly. For Club Car gas 2005 XRT1200/1200SE

#GCT106580  $326.00


Harley & Columbia Carburetors

Harley & Columbia Carburetors

Tillotson carburetor. For Columbia/HD gas (2 cycle) 1967-81.



           #GCT10302  $149.00   #HL-2231

Carburetor assembly. For Columbia/HD gas (2 cycle) 1987-95

#GCT1017588  $99.00

for 76- 81 Columbia Par Car also can be used on 1987 to 1995 Columbia Par Car or LMB-230 series Walbro carb on 1982 to 1986 Columbia Par Car, 88 EZGO with 2 cycle engine.
you will need to make your own air filter adapter.

*has choke and throttle lever on the top.


Carburetor for 4-cycle engines.

For Columbia/HD 1996-04

#GCT105311  $410.00



Tune up kit. 1982-1985 Columbia/HD

#GCT109192 $21.99


Rebuild kit for Tillotson carburetor. (Note: new kit has only one diaphragm). Columbia/HD 1967-1981

#GCT103030 $25.00

Rebuild kit for LMB230 and 231 Walbro carburetors. For Columbia/HD gas 1982-86 #GCT1095340 $43.00

Tune up kit. Columbia/HD gas 1971-81

#GCT10952 $19.99

Air filter canister only. For Columbia/HD gas 1963-83.

#GCT10144 $69.89

Air filter. Measures 4-1/4" OD x 6-1/4" tall. For Club Car gas 1984-91. For Columbia/HD

Standard #GCT11023 $7.90

Premium #GCT102101 11.60

Air cleaner mounting stud. Measures 1/4-20 on one end, 3/8-16 threads on other x 9-1/8" long. For Columbia/HD gas 1972-83

#GCT109554 $9.00

Cushman Carburetors Cushman Carburetors

Zenith carburetor with adjustable high and low speed jets. For Cushman 18 & 22hp

#GCT103820 $350.00

Carburetor repair kit for #GCT103820. For Cushman 18 & 22hp

#GCT103780 $59.00

EZGO Carburetors

EZGO Carburetors

E-Z-GO 1982-1987 (2 cycle)

#GCT1017563 $99.00

E-Z-GO 1988 (2 cycle)

#GCT1017558 $99.00

E-Z-GO 1989-1993 (2 cycle)

#GCT107564 $99.00

#GCT15563 $246.00

E-Z-GO Medalist & TXT 1991-2006 (4 cycle)

#GCT1017553 $235.00

For EZGO 350cc only 2000 -2002

#GCT1017560 $235.00

For EZGO 2008 & up RXV

#GCT108125  $390.00

For EZGO 350cc only 2003 & up


#GCT1013350  $175.00

Rebuild kit for Mikuni BV 18 Carburetor. Includes screws, jets, springs and seals. E-Z-GO 1982-1987 (2 cycle) $GCT1095050 $51.00


Tune up kit.  For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 2006-up.

#GCT11019 $29.00

Tune up kit, For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1996-up ST350 with 350 cc engine.

#GCT11026 $28.00

Deluxe Tune up kit, with oil filter. For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1994-up TXT

#GCT109190 $37.00

Tune up kit. For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1991-94 Marathon

#GCT11046 $28.00

Deluxe Tune up kit, with oil filter. For E-Z-GO Medalist gas (4 cycle) 1994-95

#GCT109191 $39.00

Deluxe Tune up kit, with oil filter. For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1991-94

#GCT9219 $37.00

Deluxe Tune up kit, with oil filter. For E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1996-up ST350

#GCT9306 $37.00

Tune up kit, replaces 2105. E-Z-GO gas (4 cycle) 1994-05 295cc

#GCT11042  $28.00

Yamaha Carburetors Yamaha Carburetors

Yamaha Drive G29, G-Max G22

#GCT13351 $236.00

Yamaha G16 (4 cycle)

#GCT17555 $119.00

Yamaha G14 (4 cycle)

#GCT17557   $149.00

Yamaha G8, G9, G2 (4 cycle)

#GCT17554 $135.00

Yamaha G1 (2 cycle)

#GCT17556 $149.00

Tune Up Kit, Yamaha Drive G29, G-Max G22, G16

#GCT10971 $24.00

Tune Up Kit Yamaha G14

#GCT10941 $25.00

Tune Up Kit Yamaha G2, G8, G9, G11

#GCT109189 $28.00

Air Filter Only

G1 #GCT102132 $18.00

G14 #GCT102132 $18.00

G16, G20, G21, & G22 #GCT102125 $24.00

Tune Up Kit Yamaha G1

#GCT10967 $26.00

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