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 Yamaha G-Max Brush Guard

Stainless Steel GMax #GCTYSRBGGMS $199.99
Black GMax #GCTYSRBGGMB $137.99

More Brush Guards Here

Stainless steel steering column cover


Yamaha G-14, G-16, G-19 Brush Guards

Stainless Steel #GCTYBGS $231.99
Black #GCTYBGB $168.99

More Brush Guards Here

Yamaha Nerf Foot Loops

#YANERFFS $125.00


1" Studded Wheel Spacers (just bolt on)
 #GCT1062911 $105.50 per 2 (pair)
2" Studded Wheel Spacers (just bolt on)
#GCT1062921 $120.50 per 2 (pair)
3" Studded Wheel Spacers (just bolt on)
#GCT1062931 $132.50 per 2 (pair)



Custom Tinted Windshield

 Silver Finish #GCT10YASW34   $209.00
 Black Finish #GCT10YASW34   $235.00

Yamaha Roll Bar, Ornamental

Stainless Steel #GCTYORBS $269.00
Black #GCTYORBB $200.00


Yamaha G-14, G-16, G-19 Front Bumper

Stainless Steel #GCTYFBS $99.99
Black #GCTYFBB 83.99

More Front & Rear Bumpers Here

Diamond Plate Side Cover W/ Aluminum Nerf Bars
  #GCTYNDPSC $165.00

Without Aluminum Nerf Bars

Diamond Plate #GCTYDPSC $79.00

Stainless Steel #GCTYRPS $109.00

Yamaha G14-G16-G19-G22 Rear Bumper

Stainless Steel #GCTYRBS $161.99
Black #GCTYRBB $114.99

More Front & Rear Bumpers Here


Nerf Bar Kit, Chrome or Black Powder Coated. Our Nerf Bar design mounts the Nerf Bar to the bottom of the golf car instead of the side. This hides most of the mounting brackets to give the Nerf Bars a nice, clean look. Fits Yamaha G14, G16, G19

Click Here For Nerf Bars, Steps, Roll Bars & Roll Cages


Yamaha Custom Seat Covers


More Custom Seat Covers Here

Deluxe Yamaha G14-G16-G19 Fender Flares

Are you tired of all the dirt that collects on the side of the cart from the tires? Do you have a lifted vehicle with wide tires and negative offset wheels for off-road use? These golf cart fender flares are the answer.  Flares come in a set of four (two front and two rear fender flares) They are constructed of a durable heavy duty- black plastic.

Deluxe Fender Flares #GCTYADFF  $179.00 set of 4 (Heavy Duty)

Basic Fender Flares #GCTYABFF  $147.99 set of 4


Diamond Plate Running
Boards for Yamaha G14-G16-G19-G22


Diamond Plate Flooring


Diamond Plate Kick Panel



Yamaha G14-G16-G19-G22

Rear Bumper with built in receiver hitch.

Black #GCT103081BL  $139.00

More Front & Rear Bumpers Here

(Silver Spokes)

Part # GCT161
(Silver Spokes)

Part # GCT181

More Steering Wheels Here


New Woody Body Kit for EZGO TXT

Body Panels #YAWOODYPANELS  $199.00

Matching Dash Cover #YAWOODYDASH  $135.00

Matching Steering Wheel Cover #YAWOODYWHCOV  $48.00




More Yamaha Dash Covers Here




Overload Rear Springs for Yamaha


G-2 G-8, G-14, G-16, G-19, G-22

Custom Chrome Tilt Steering Column

Simple installation and great style makes this column perfect for your cart. Our column is designed to fit into your original dash support. The lower shaft of the column matches the spline of the original universal joint. The wiring exits the tube of the column below the dash making it nearly invisible

Yamaha G14, G16 & G19  #GCT105868CR $620.00


Adaptor for our steering wheels for use with out chrome tilt steering column.

Chrome 3 Bolt Adaptor

#GCT105869 $149.99

Polished 3 bolt Adaptor

#GCT105870 $73.99

Billet aluminum pedal covers. Set includes accelerator pedal, brake and park brake pedals. Quick and easy installation.

Yamaha G-Max & Drive only #GCT1YBPGM0 $135.00

Fender trim,. Flexible plastic protects fenders from nicks and chipping. Self adhesive. Contains 12 Foot of trim, enough for one car.
#GCT288460 Chrome
#GCT288470 Gold
#GCT288450 Black

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