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Our Deluxe PREC front cowl only fits the new Club Car Precedent chassis only. This front cowl provides the extra storage space that some people feel is missing in their Precedent. Access to the very ample storage space below the hood is accomplished with a single push to our actuator button that can be installed behind a locked dash compartment. The hinges for the hood are self-balancing, automotive styled hinges.

The Executive front cowl has modern styled twin filament headlights that are recessed behind our protective lens. Also under the protective lens are additional fog lights and marker/indicator lights. All lights are part of an automotive type wiring loom. The cowls are primed and ready for paint, having been sanded with 1000 grit wet sandpaper.

A special booklet-type instruction manual that is complete with photos, guides even the first time builder through all the stages of assembly. A mounting bracket is included with the cowl, along with a complete hardware kit that insures that no other fasteners or hardware is required. (This cowl will install within 2 hours including the time it takes to remove the old cowl.) All Executive cowls have been pre-drilled and pre-fitted to our Precedent chassis at our factory. All Executive front cowls use the original steel uprights and OEM windshield.


This new cowl is a perfect blend of lines and curves that not only match the rear of the Precedent body, but also was designed to a style that is also very much in vogue today. Meticulous care was taken to insure the integrity and design of the lovely and ever popular Precedent body lines.

Complete Front Cowl Kit $859.00 (Must buy 2 at a time) So find a friend that wants one also!

To place a order call us at Toll Free 866-324-9901 or or Email


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